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Today’s fast paced world brings all kinds of challenges to the modern amputee.  If you are an individual that is currently struggling with limb loss and feel that your current prosthesis or prosthetic fitting is keeping you from being a functional community ambulatory, we are the professionals that you need to see.  We have the ability to provide skilled and compassionate care that will most likely, enhance your current prosthetic situation.    

About our Clinical Team Leader

Our owner, Johan Smith, has over 25 years of experience in patient care, prosthetic designs, and manufacturing. This makes us unique because we complete our services quickly, accurately, and with exceptional functional design. Our prosthetists strive for attention to detail that leads to the most aesthetically pleasing units featuring foremost comfort and function.


The technology of prosthetic care has made giant strides in recent years. Modern prostheses make it possible to preserve or restore a patient’s mobility. Such advancements in prosthetic care are enabling patients to actively take part in life. Prosthetic Care Clinic offer treatment for all levels of amputations and congenital birth defects for both upper and lower extremities. We design and fit, from simple low activity devices to very complex myoelectric muscle operated systems. Our staff is highly experienced in a variety of modern and conventional suspension methods. At Prosthetic Care Clinic, we are truly dedicated to fully educate and train each individual on the best suited solution. Our facility also offer minor to complex restorations on qualified devices. Aside from the functional aspect of each device, Prosthetic Care Clinic superior craftsmanship does not go unrecognized. Free individual consultations are available at our easy to access location.


Prosthetic Care Clinic offers from conventional systems, like metal fabrication to plastic and modern carbon technologies, to design and treat any condition of the upper and lower extremities. Our services also includes from minor repairs and adjustments to full or complex restorations on any custom orthotic device that will increase properties and functionality of the orthosis. 

Examples of Upper and Lower Extremities Treatment: 

Birth defects and early prevention/correction 

• CVA/Stroke 

• Cerebral Palsy 

• Clubfoot and related foot and ankle conditions 

• Wound Care 

• Contracture/management 

• Diabetic and neuropathic ulcer care 

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You as a patient have three easy methods to contact us, 7 days a week, whenever you experience an emergency or need to be scheduled for an office or home visit. 

A. Main contact office number: (303) 237-0926 

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C. Text or Mobile Number: (720) 795-6438 

D. Fax: (303) 237-0983

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